Thursday, 29 October 2009

Day 16: Spit In The Rain

It's slowly dawning on me that the only way to really get through this mess is to stop looking back, it's pointless, not going to solve anything and it bloody well hurts. The other thing is to stop asking why. The later is the same, nothing is going to be resolved, there may be sense to all of this situation but I'm probably not ready to make any sense of it. Just concentrate on getting to wherever I'm going.
Jake and I have have been relaxing since my parents left for holiday yesterday. I have to admit it is strange not having them here. It felt really naughty eating junk for dinner last night but that's not going to stop me doing it again tonight (Jake's request.) I have told him we are having vegetables tonight though. It may end up being a salad out of sheer laziness. I'm a bit worried about being on my own in the house most of the day next week when Jake goes back to school. I know I like solitude but it has to be on my terms. I do like to know I can reach out if necessary.
We had some news about moving yesterday. Looks like we've got the house we were after. We should move in just over two weeks, which will coincide with my parents getting back from holiday. Moving leaves me with so much to think about, it's almost overwhelming. Not only will this be a new routine but it will be a new life. I'm not thinking about it today, I'll push it aside for a bit, I have lots of work to do and can't concentrate on work while thinking about everything that will change when I move.
Today's blog title is a reference to an old Del Amitri song, it's where I found my answers !