Saturday, 7 November 2009

Day 25: Noise Annoys

A rainy Saturday afternoon, it's enough to leave you feeling quite melancholic. Or you could take the Billy Collonny concept of weather "In Scotland there's no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes." I admire that sort of approach to life, there's something almost genius about being able to think that way. I'm being a little intolerant with Jake today, I don't want to be but I am. The fact that I know I'm being impatient with him makes me feel bad, a good reason to be less snappy, an even better reason is that it's not nice for Jake. It can be very difficult at times, I find it hard to explain to him in a way that he will understand when he's doing something that annoys. This is my shortfall ! An example would be, as we go around the supermarket Jake (like any 13 year old) will want all the junk he sees. He knows it's pointless asking me, he does get treats but he's not having junk everyday. He has developed a habit of saying "Well I know you're going to say no so I wont even bother asking for a milkshake." Substitute milkshake for another calorific, sugary or fattening item. He does this for every thing he wants as we walk round. He then sulks when I either ignore or say no. I am finding this annoying at the moment.
I'm going to find us something to do this afternoon. If I don't Jake will end up on his Xbox all afternoon (something I don't allow) and I'll end up glued to the food channel. I have bought some new clothes lately, it makes you feel good wearing new clothes. All my old clothes are now really too big on me to wear, I might go clothes shopping, retail therapy.