Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day 21: About A Boy

I finished off all my work mid morning and have been dashing around since. Jake is off school today, no this wasn't me selfishly wanting company in this empty house, he actually wasn't well. It's a big thing for Jake staying off school, he knows there's no Xbox for the entire day if you've been off sick, torture for Jake. He had to accompany me round the bank and supermarket, he's 13 and can't be left at home, he's a young 13. He sighed most of the way round town. Jake is as clumsy as I am, Dyspraxia, another Aspie trait. I find it so annoying whenever we are out he constantly bumps into me, after a while I end up getting impatient with him and have the "personal space" conversation. I can't bear it when people bump into me in the supermarket, I physically shudder, a bolt of revulsion strikes through me. It's the same queuing in the post office or bank, I get very uncomfortable if people stand too close. Still once again I realise how much it means having him around. We've always had a close, special relationship but the amazing thing that's come out of all this mess is us, I'll never let this relationship be broken.
I'm having one of those days today where I'm not thinking about all the issues surrounding me. It's like a day off for my mind, I think I deserve it. I'm not sure how I'm managing to do it, I haven't been able to till now. I don't want to question how this is possible in case I'm unable to continue.
It's a relief to have finished the project I was working on, it wasn't very interesting. I enjoyed the narrators tone of voice (I will go into my special interest 'sound' at some other point.) Sometimes I can be given the most boring subject matter but if the narrator has a nice sounding voice that can make it for me. I wasn't very happy with my choice of music, it was all a bit last minute and quite how you choose music for the subject I had is beyond me. I do hope the client is happy.