Sunday, 1 November 2009

Day 19: Its Oh So Quiet

I thought I would try writing at the other end of the day. It's been a fairly uneventful day. Jake and I still have our colds, although you'd think Jake had completed four years at R.A.D.A. I reminded him it was just a cold, not swine flu, despite what he'd read at the NHS direct website. I'm half tempted to keep him off school tomorrow, but actually that would be entirely selfish of me. I'm just looking for company and not enjoying the idea of being on my own tomorrow, all day. I guess I just need to think about what it's like when my parents are here and be thankful for small mercies. Again, I am really very grateful for everything they've done, I'm not sure what condition I'd be in if I was still in the my old house with ex. My Step daughter called yesterday, she was with her mother and I didn't like hearing ex in the back ground. I think it was one of those "I'm annoyed that you sound perfectly normal and I'm in pieces" moments. Except I'm not in pieces, but I still don't want to hear her.
November arrived this morning so I'm going to slowly open my eyes and try to focus on the huge events and other life style change I'm making very soon. In two weeks time I'm moving, yes my routines going to change. Everything is going to be different. I don't think anyone without Aspergers can even have the slightest idea what this means to an Aspie. Especially a 42 year old , set in his ways Aspie. I have read on various forums that Aspies need to find coping mechanisms to help with change, well I wish they sold these mechanisms on Amazon. I'm going to trawl the net and see if I can come up with some. I may even tweet and ask around the online Aspie community. I need to sort the moving issue out in my head very soon, it's all getting very close.